"...empowering our youth and families through dance by instilling
                        the love for culture and tradition in our dancers and audiences alike..."


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About Us

In its beginnings, a tire warehouse was the meeting place of seven individuals who made it their goal to get together and rehearse the dances from their roots.  They would come together several days a week to practice regional dances of Mexico, hoping to one day be able to dance for an audience and showcase the colorful, vibrant routines they had delicately put together.

After only one month of having been created, Tradiciones Dance Company offered its first performances in events, which celebrated the Virgin of Guadalupe during the month of December in 2010.  Their routines consisted of two couples which would alternate with the acts of two young girls. Their dances were well accepted, and the audience quickly became interested in seeing more from this group of dancers.

In January 2011, and thanks to the effort and perseverance of its members, Tradiciones Dance Company opened the doors of its first dance studio.   A few more dancers had joined the group and also shared the love of traditional dances and customs.   It was then that this dance company began to offer dance classes for different age groups starting with kids from seven years old and up.   This new group of boys and girls quickly began to form part of performances.   By March of 2011, Tradiciones Dance Company had grown to 30 members, including kids, teenagers, and adults.  The company had already begun to take part in big events showcasing their colorful show.

It was at this time that Tradiciones Dance Company came into the realization of its very important mission:  To empower the youth and families through dance by instilling the love for culture and tradition in their dancers and audiences alike.  With this mission in mind, Tradiciones Dance Company set out to become one of the most prestigious dance companies in Arizona.

The company executed its first major production in the summer of 2012, presenting “Noche de Gala” at the Peoria Center for the Performing Arts.  This set the stage for three more productions that followed including “Mexico A Través del Tiempo”, “México Mágico”, and “Mexico a la Brava”.

Now, entering its 6th season, Tradiciones Dance Company has grown to more than 70 dancers, and has had the privilege to be invited to perform in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Fresno, California.  Tradiciones Dance Company continues to perform within the Phoenix metropolitan area at well renowned venues and events, and also continues to support community events throughout the valley.

Tradiciones Dance Company continues to gain the support of the community through its commitment to providing its audiences with complete colorful and exhilarating spectacles wherever they go.  In just 5 years, and thanks to the work of its members and community support, it has become Phoenix’s own Premier Mexican-Folk Dance Company.

Meet the Director

Jose J Soto
Jose J. Soto danced since the age of six in his native state of Sinaloa, Mexico. Jose always held his passion for Mexican dance forms very near to his heart. After moving from Sinaloa, Mexico, to the agricultural region of Fresno, California, he realized the importance of holding on to the traditions one carries within. Through his involvement in CSU Fresno’s Los Danzantes de Aztlan, Jose participated in various Asociacion Nacional de Grupos Folkloricos conferences. He refined his knowledge of traditional Mexican folk-dance forms, following the teachings of the late Ernesto Martinez, and founder/director of Ballet Folklorico Quetzalli de Veracruz, Hugo Betancourt.  Jose received a Bachelor of Arts in Education from CSU, Fresno, in the year 2002, and becomes a founding member of El Ballet Folklorico de Oro also in Fresno, CA under the direction of Victor Rosas, a former dancer of El Ballet Folklorico de Mexico de Amalia Hernandez.  After more than thirteen years of professional dance experience and having relocated to Phoenix, AZ, Jose stays true to his heart and decides to open Tradiciones Dance Company in the year 2010 with the goal of instilling the love for Mexican folk-dance and traditions in kids, teens, and adults. Besides teaching  full time for the Alhambra School District, Maestro Jose Soto completely devotes himself to the

 running of Tradiciones, and continues to strive to give families a safe place to grow through the means of the teachings and showcasing of the various forms of Mexican folk-dance forms and styles.