"...empowering our youth and families through dance by instilling
                        the love for culture and tradition in our dancers and audiences alike..."


2  0  1  9   S  H  O  W  S


"El cuerpo puede parar de bailar,
                     pero la mente debe seguir danzando..."
                                                                   -Rafael Zamarripa Castaneda

Beginners Kids

Our Beginners Class starts off any new Folklorista's career. Classes consist of adjusted teaching speeds in order to assure every students learns the basics. Here, students are taught the primary steps of folklorico, and are also taught fun and interpretive dances from corresponding regions. Together, the students and instructors for our Beginner's Class will learn everything they need to know to become a Tradiciones dancer!



Intermediate Kids

Consisting of two separate classes, our Intermediate Class is taught at a faster pace and begins introducing more elaborate steps and choreographies. Students are expected to have basic knowledge of folklorico and able to apply it to their learning process in this class. Aside from all that, the goal of this group is to transition our Beginners into talents Advanced Tradicionistas! Also, Intermediate kids are expected to be capable of participating in performances, as our kids classes are the audience's favorite!


Advance Kids

Our very talented Advanced group consists of students who have demonstrated great talent and maturity of their dance etiquette. The repertoire for this group is much more elaborate and conjunctive with our Adult Company cuadros. Little by little, we expect the students of the Advanced Kids Class to later feed into our adult company when they are of proper age and/or have developed a student's etiquette.


Adult Company

Our Adult Company is determined to put on the best and most beautiful folklore show you've ever seen. With cuadros ranging from peaceful Yucatan to our unhinged Norte pieces, we aim to touch every audience's heart by displaying a little bit of our wonderful Mexico. The Adult Company has traveled to California, Nevada, and Oklahoma for showcasing events, and have journeyed all over the United States to attend the Asociacion Nacional de Grupos Folkloricos conference over the summer. Students of the Adult Company are expected to have a very well-developed physical demeanor, and are required to attend every practice without failure. Our Adult class is taught at the fastest speed of all our courses. 


Class Tuition
 In order to keeps its doors open, Tradiciones charges a monthly tuition payment per student. Families with multiple students are accomodated for with a discounted price.

Kids Tuition:               $30/month

Adult Tuition:            $30/month